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Glass Repair

Long bouts with no rain and as many as 87 traffic accidents per day make for a lot of debris that can build up on the roads and highways around Phoenix. When passing tractor trailers pass by, they can pick up hard objects left behind on the road and put them in the path of smaller passenger vehicles moving at high-speeds down the road. The result is not only frightening but has the consequences of glass repair needing to be performed. Car Window Repair should always be handled by certified professionals. The safety of your family and friends shouldn’t be a do it yourself type project.

Car glass repair that is done correctly with high-end resins will be just as strong as the original manufacturer equipment. Phoenix Mobile Car Glass has been providing lifetime-lasting glass repairs for more than 15 years now. Our technicians are all certified, and we only use the very best tools and materials, so our windshield repairs can be counted on to last for years and years. We promise our clients when they work with us that the process will be fast, stress-free, affordable, and of course, the highest quality of workmanship possible. If you have any questions about auto glass repair for your vehicle, call us today during business hours, and we will happily answer all your questions. Our quotes are exact and our consultations are complimentary.

(602) 726-3944